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  • yonalie

    hii im yona.. english speaking young mommy (22) of a lil boy called elano, almost 6 months old.
    i just move to leiden since january, and would really love to have other mommies around here that could hang out (ofcourse with the baby,or maybe a wine too sometime) since im a staying home mommy, im basically free alot.

    so if anybody interested. mail me 🙂
    we are looking forward to see you!
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    Hey Yona, I’d love to hang out! I’m Dutch, but lived in Canada for a few years and was also looking to meet with other mommies. I live in Utrecht however.. though I guess anywhere in Holland is relatively close compared to Canada.. :p

    My husband is in Canada right now, so Aquafina (4m) and I have lots of free time as I’m taking a break from studying, but will resume in September.

    I’ll copy this to your email you as well 🙂

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    Hey, i’d love to too! 🙂
    no worries, we could always make it in leiden or utrecht or somewhere in the middle 🙂
    im free like almost every day, only on tuesday im usually doing stuff with hubby.
    i have some friends that is having baby at the same time i did, but i would like to see more. so i and elano can make alot of friends

    we should go to keukenhof.. it should be nice by now


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    Hey Yona,

    I like to meet others as well. I live near by Rotterdam, and work on wednesday en thursday.
    The other days i’m free to do whatever i want whahaha.
    I have a girl (3 years) and a boy (5 months) Pepijn.

    Maybe some other moms like to meet as well and we can make a forum-meet-day?



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    Hey Irene,
    of course we can.. i would love to you and your kids..
    im just doing nothing almost everyday..

    i have facebook u can search yona lie, or u can mail me to

    hope to see u soon

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    I found one, living in Amsterdam coming form Indonesia?

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    Hehe.. i’m not sure which “Yona Lie” you are on Facebook either! That’s ok though. You’re from Leiden, Irene is near Rotterdam and I’m in Utrecht. I guess that would make Gouda our center?? :p

    I’d love to do a Forum meet day.. we should suggest it on the main page!

Meepraten op het forum? bij Ouders van Nu. Heb je al een account dan kun je direct